GT 1999

 TV'99 at Rutgers University, New Jersey, The Semifinalist


The veterans from left to right (click picture to see the full size one):

Front: Yang Gong, Huang Zhining, Xie Yuan, Wang Weidong, Chen Wei, Kang Yong, Song Lei, Zhao Liyang, Wang Feng, Wang Zhigang, Wang Ning, Cao Zhiruo, Huang Liangkang
Rear:Wang Jian, Lu Fan (Da), Hu Honggang, Shen Jian, Wang Guoqing, Liu Bin, Cai Qijiang, Jin Runcheng, Li Jiang, He Zhong, He Biao, Meng Zhaohui, Zhao Wei, Wang Shaoyong, Di Yong

Note: Zhao Shuang not in picture


4th Chinese National Soccer tournament (semi-finalist among 12 teams)

       Rutgers University, Cook Campus, New Jersey, 9/4-5, 1999

The squad: (29)

            Kang Yong, Wang Ning, Li Jiang, Song Lei, Wang Guoqing, Zhao Shuang, He Zhong, Wang Jian, Wang Shaoyong, Huang Zhining, Wang Feng,

           Zhao Wei, Shen Jian, Liu Bin, He Biao, Chen Wei, Xie Yuan, Zhao Liyang, Di Yong, Wang Weidong, Cao Zhiruo, Cai Qijiang,

           Wang Zhigang, Meng Zhaohui, Hu Honggang, Yang Gong, Lu Fan (Da), Jin Runcheng, Huang Liangkang

Game Results:

           First Day, round-robin group matches

           vs. Chicago Flame     3:0        scorer:
                   1st half:            1:0,       Song Lei
                   2nd half:            2:0,      Song Lei
                                           3:0,       Liu Bin

           vs. Wisconsin Eagles 3:2       scorer:
                   1st half:             1:0       Chen Wei
                                            2:0       Xie Yuan
                   2nd half:             3:1       Xie Yuan

            Second day, elimination


            vs. Berkeley Calblue   4:3      scorer:
                   1st half:              0:1
                   2nd half:             0:2
                                            1:2    Xie Yuan
                                            2:3    Wang Ning
                                            3:3    Wang Feng
                                            4:3    Jin Runcheng 


             vs. Maryland Hunters 1:4      scorer:
                   1st half:              0:3
                   2nd half:             1:3    Song Lei

     Win 3,  Tie 0,  Lose 1, Goals scored 11, Goals allowed 9.
    Tournament scorers: Song Lei (3), Xie Yuan (3), Liu Bin, Wang Feng, Jin Runcheng, Wang Ning, Chen Wei

Team Report

        By Cai Qijiang

                 It's pretty hard to write down everything, let alone I didn't witness
                 everything. Well, since I might be among those who went to bed the earliest
                 after the tournament, I guess I'll try my best to jog down something for the
                 heck of it.

                 Friday Night


                 The reunion candle lit up around 10pm in a restaurant/bar (presumably a
                 local joint for parties) on Centennial Avenue, the same street as the hotel.
                 I like the street name because this is the last chance for Tsinghua Veterans
                 to get together in such a big scale in this centry. TVs sat around a long
                 long table in an age-descending order. The younger end of the table
                 exchanged chit-chat, while the maturer end of the table exchanged photos of
                 their newly-born kids. Di Yong was among the last group arrived. When he
                 (EE'81) was introduced to Song Lei (EE'93), I saw him simply stood there
                 speechless. The facial expression is called Bai3 Gan3 Jiao1 Ji2.


                 Saturday (first day)


                 Cloudy but cool. TV's group games are scheduled in afternoon. So most TVs
                 got a good rest before the game. When we came to the field, news came that
                 Wisconsin defeated Chicago 4:0, putting a little pressure on us. The other
                 group battles didn't have many surprising results, except NJ Rutgers team
                 tied the all-star Maryland Hunter at 1:1.


                 The 3pm game was against Chicago Flame, a team few knew about. Our veteran
                 goalie, Meng Zhao Hui unfortunately injured his palm badly during warm up. I
                 was sent to the goal keeper position in a HURRY, casting a huge shadow on
                 our defense line. With  years of basketball and handball experience at
                 Tsinghua, I am in fact a rookie in goal keeping. However the
                 defensive line formed by Kang Yong (sweeper), He Zhong / Wang Jian
                 (stopper), Wang Guoqing (left) and Zhao Wei (right) provided solid defense,
                 even though no three of them have ever played together at the same time. As I
                 remember that He Zhong kicked a ball off the goal line. Though the shooting
                 was allowed due to one of the rare mistakes of the referee (claimed to be
                 ex-Hungarian National team player), it would have been counted if it went
                 in. Our veteran mid-fielders took turns to connect with each other in either
                 physical or non-physical ways, using whatever chemistry has left after so
                 many years. Our front line certainly was sharpened by Song Lei, Wang Ning,
                 Xie Yuan and Da Niao. It took us a while until Song Lei sent the ball
                 straight into the net after a fast break along the right wing. Couldn't
                 remember accurately how each goal was made. But it certainly worth
                 mentioning that Liu Bin's beautiful header off a corner kick reassure the
                 importance of experienced TV to our team.


                 > First Day, round-robin group matches
                 > vs. Chicago Flame 3:0
                 >                    scorer:
                 >   1st half: 1:0,   Song Lei
                 >   2nd half: 2:0,   Song Lei
                 >             3:0,   Liu Bin

                      The Wisconsin team is not at its golden age. However nobody can overlook
                 the toughness and unity of this team (one of the few mostly-local team to
                 compete in this tournament). TV met this team on each and every previous
                 national tournament. The record is 2 win 1 tie, advantage TV. But TV had to
                 fought deadly hard on all occasions. In the 2nd tournament, Chen Wei stole 2
                 goals in the first 10 minutes and all TV tried very hard to defend this
                 advantage, characterized by me and Hu Honggang's all-over-you-everywhere
                 style defense against their speedy borrowed-star Kang Jie. The game was only
                 determined in last minutes, when Chen Wei seized an instantaneous  defense
                 mistake. Last year the meeting between the two at Cleveland, TV really
                 struggled. Two goals by TV in the last 10 minutes or so led the game into
                 penalty kick. And luck favored TV again. This year we met again, but in
                 first round. TV definitely had advantage, but Wisconsin always stayed in the
                 game. TV's scoring skills really get a "lift", because we scored so many
                 headers. The diving header Xie Yuan (one of our shortest players) made is
                 absolutely brilliant, though Disco could have easily put that one in even if
                 Xie Yuan missed. The fact that our victory over Wisconsin did not send them
                 back home (not a playoff game) could be a little comfort to Wang Ning, who
                 had always been with the Wisconsin team before.


                 > vs. Wisconsin Eagles 3:2
                 >                    scorer:
                 >   1st half: 1:0    Chen Wei
                 >             2:0    Xie Yuan
                 >             2:1
                 >   2nd half: 3:1    Xie Yuan
                 >             3:2


                 Saturday (second day)


                 We got new blood. Da Run'zi and Hu Honggang drove from Philly early in the
                 morning. Da Fan zi, who didn't play for NJ Star (lost to Bei Da and
                 Chinatown with regret) yesterday, went back to "organization". Kong Nian,
                 Yao Qizhan and Xiao Fan'zi also wanted to. But gave up at last,  fearing
                 other might shuo1 xian2 hua4.


                 The Berkeley team lost badly to its neighbor (or Yuan1 Jia1), Sillicon
                 Valley Tiger (has Gao Xu, Kang Jie, Tom etc.) in the first day's game. They
                 literally fought through the game and called ambulance after the game. It's
                 not a strong team, but use the long pass and fast break stratergy. Meng
                 Zhaohui didn't fully recover from the injury, though he played the game
                 against Wisconsin. So I was on the thin ice again, but I felt much more
                 confident as opposed to yesterday. Of the 3 goals I gave up in the game, I
                 admit that I was the one to blame for the second goal, though Shen Laolao
                 insisted that I am responsible for all. Anyway I felt honored to be in such
                 a great heart-beating game, that we came back from 0:2 and 1:3 deficit. For
                 a moment, I thought we won't be able to pull out from this one. But Wang
                 Ning and Da Fengzi made two impossible shots out of desperation brought TV
                 back to life. The Berkeley team goalie seemed to be very sleepy. Thanks
                 should be given to Da Niao, who played card with him late into night at
                 hotel. As I was prepareing for the shootout, Da Run'zi somehow made another
                 goal, delivering the CS department combined hat trick for the game. Berkeley
                 guys must feel icy cold that moment. This is perhaps the most dramatic game
                 of the tournament, and in my soccer life. We simply demonstrated the TV

                 > Quarterfinal vs. Berkeley Calblue 4:3
                 >                    scorer:
                 >   1st half: 0:1
                 >   2nd half: 0:2
                 >             1:2    Xie Yuan
                 >             1:3
                 >             2:3    Wang Ning
                 >             3:3    Wang Feng
                 >             4:3    Jin Runcheng


                 We had a good rest and put on a lot of BenGay (the balm to prevent cram).
                 The game began, we had a good pace and control in the mid-field as ever. But
                 Hunters have well organized defense. They fill gaps really quick and kept
                 good protection between defensive layers. TV had trouble penertrating. Many
                 promising shots we set off were blocked by their body even before they could
                 reach anywhere near the goal. On the other hand, they attcked fast and
                 relentlessly. Wei Ge, the twice ex-TV striker scored the opening goal off a
                 loose ball early in the game. Facing such an opponent, we are deprived of
                 our chance to win the game when the balance was broken so early. But we
                 fought the battle till the end.

                 > Semifinal vs. Maryland Hunters 1:4
                 >                    scorer:
                 >   1st half: 0:3
                 >   2nd half: 1:3    Song Lei
                 >             1:4


                 We are perhaps the only one team could still happily take photos and shout
                 our slogans after loosing the game. And we did.


                 Let's come back in the next year/millennium.