GT 2003

TV'03 at LA


The veterans from left to right (click picture to see the full size one):


Front: Zhao Xuesong, Zhang Liang, Chen Wei, Jia Feng, Wang Guoqing (and his son), Fang Jian, Liu Bin

Middle: Xia Bin, Li Bin, Zhang Jun, Wu Qiang, Li Jianzhong, Huang Zhining, Chen Chen

Rear: Yang Gong (and his 2nd son Tianyou), Shen Jian, Tang Qingkai, Niu Jian, Zhou Lisong, Song Lei, Wang Jiang, Zhao Peng, Wang Yujue, Li Chuxiang

Missing: Zhao Liyang, Zhao Yunxiang






TV03 game report  


by Chen Chen



1. Farmers brought out our best (2:1)


First day morning, we played Irvine Farmers, an LA local team. @ 15 minutes,

Jia Feng hit goalpost, assisted by Song Lei who penetrated down from left. A

few minutes later, Huang Zhining hit the goalpost again at a direct free kick,

almost replayed his goal last year. 0:0 first half.


Second half @ 10 minutes, Farmers scored first at a free kick when one of our

defenders made a mistake. 10 minutes later, Jia Feng skillfully passed two

Farmers defenders in the penalty box and scored our first goal. Not long, Jia

Feng scored the winning goal, after receiving good positioned ball from Chen

Wei at a free kick.


We played a high quality game with Irvine Farmers. In my view, it was one of

the best games that TV played in recent years. One note was that, a physical

contact injured both our key wing-defender Zhao Peng and a key attacker of

farmers, indirectly helping the other team Arizona United.


2. Arizona: how to rest, how to win (0:0)


We were full of confidence after the first game. Since it cost us a lot of

energy, we thought of how to rest key players in the 2nd game. In retrospect,

it might be a mistake, to plan how to rest instead of focusing on how to win.


First half with Arizona was lackluster. Weather became hot and both teams were

slow. Arizona was deliberately slowing down the game. With a changed line-up,

we didn't force them into our own pace.


Second half the game speed was a lot faster. Arizona's direct free kicks were

very threatening, twice hitting our goalpost and another saved by Zhang Jun. We

put Zhang Liang and Zhou Lisong to attacking positions. Their energy created a

few good chances, but we failed to break Arizona's defense.


Group ranking: Arizona (4), TV (4), Farmers (0)


3. SV Tiger: (0:5)


Tiger was basicly the same team as last year's championship team. Almost all

the best players in bay area went into Tiger (except Calblue), including a

'Bob' who was MVP of GT01, a 'Bee' who is a young fast forward, and a Dalian

Youth Team trained player. In the first day, they beat LA Kickers 4:1 and Texas

Olympian 8:1.

Group ranking: Tiger (6), Texas Olympian (3), Kickers (0)


First half, we lost 2 goals but played relatively well. One goal was lost on a

high ball that caused chaos. The second was a pass by 'Bob' that penetrated our

defense and scored by 'Bee'. After that, however, we strengthened attack and

twice hit Tiger's goalpost. One was a high ball by me after receiving Zhining's

free kick. The other was a beatiful shot by Jia Feng, one against four at

penalty box corner.


Second half, Tiger's Kang Jie scored a third goal early, and then Guoqing was

forced out from a red card. The other two goals were lost during Tiger's