GT 2004

Tsinghua Veterans 2004


This year, we have a united team with U. Maryland, therefore the formal name

is TV-MD united.


Please click here for TV-MD united 2004 pictures


Team roster:



Xie Yuan, Xu Qiang, Wang Xue Li, Zhang Yong(1),

Yao Yuliang (1), Wang Yujue(1), Jia Feng, Sun Ninghai


Central mid-fielder:


Wang Zhong, Zheng QiGong Zhang Liang, Chen Chen(1), Zhou Xiangrong

Zhou Lisong (2)


Wing mid-fielder:


Peng Feng, Zhang PengYi, Wang Yujue(2), Zhou Xiaojing(1)

Chen Wanchun(2), Chen Chen(2), Zhang Yong (2), Xin Yufeng




Wang Jiang, Wang GuoQing(2), Wang Zheng(1)




Zhou Lisong (1), Yao Yuliang(2), Zhou Xiaojing (2), Wang Zheng(2)


Wing defenders:


Zhao Peng(1), Yang Qin, Chen Wanchun(2), Wang Xiang, Liu JianWei, Wang Guoqing(1)




Meng Zhaohui, Jia Lei


day 1:    TV-MD united   0:3  Tigers       TV-MD united 10:0 Atlanta

day 2:    Quaterfinal  TV-MD united 2:0 Michigan 

             Semi-final   TV-MD united 1:3  Chinese united


Day 1 report:


Today is the first day of Tournament. As I mentioned before, we are with Silicon Tiger

and Atlanta in the group. Based on our captains' analysis, in the

playoff, the group No.1 will meet either Chinatown(CU) or last year's

champion Texas; while the group No.2 will meet host Michigan or

Arizona. Therefore, we believe group No.2 is the best choice. Based

on this strategy, we let everyone in the team take rotation to play

with Tiger in the first game and don't care about the result, while

using full strength to beat Atlanta.


The result, the first game, we lost to Tiger by 0:3, all due to free

kick/corner. everyone has about 20 minutes playtime to warmup. The

second game, Tiger beat Atlanta 4:1; the third game, we use full

strength to fight against Atlanta. As I mentioned before, the

Tsinghua-Maryland united team are based on two local team (Princeton-

PSU, Maryland). We cleverly use local combination very well. The

result is amazing: 10:0! (well, as Di Ge pointed out, Atlanta

couldn't recruit its best players to come. they are short of players)


So, we advance into Top 8. Tomorrow 9 AM we will play against the

host: Michigan. We will have to face our teammates Zhang Jun and He

Zhong ;-)


Another big news today is that NYWW is eliminated in the group game.

The final ranking of the tournament is:

1. Silicon Tiger, 2. Chinese United (CU) 3. Tsinghua-Maryland United

and Chicago


Day 2 report:


1. The 1/4 final against the host Michigan Wolf was not an easy game.

As host, they have ~48 players (like a football team) from two

universities (U.Michigan and Michigan State). Plus our Tsinghua

Veteran goalie Zhang Jun and the key defender He Zhong are with the

host team . Zhang Jun and He Zhong did a lot of save from Jia Feng, me

and Wang Yujue, Wang Xueli, maybe because he knows us too well. At the

first half, we took the lead through a corner kick. The second half,

Jia Feng's perfect pass generated the second goal from Peng Feng. Both

scorer are from Maryland and Zhang Jun had difficulty to keep the goal

safe. ;-)


2. The semifinal against CU is an unfair game, in my opinion. Even

though the CU team players are young and energetic (many of them are

teenage and 20s), we had a good control of the game, CU didn't create

any chance, facing our tough defender line (with TVer goalie Meng

Zhaohui, Zhao Peng, Wang Guoqing, Zhou Lisong, Wang Jiang),but the

referee gave them a lot of freekicks. One freekick broken through the

manwall and gave them 1:0 lead. However, Jia Feng quickly tied the

game with a signature move, passing the goalie and send the ball home.

Right before the half-time break, referee awarded a penalty kick to CU

because of no reason (our defender and CU striker jumped together for

a long pass). This disputable penalty kick ended the first half with

1:2. The second half we pushed very hard but CU played defensively.

We did have chances (from Chen Chen, Yujue's shot). But luck was not

with us. 1 minutes before the final whistle, CU's counter-attack

smashed our final hope with 1:3.


The following are my point of view about this united team:


1. The biggest discovery for TV is Xu Qiang, (from 94 Chemical

Engineer), former Tsinghua Varsity team player. He came to US last

year and did a great job in this tournament. I hope he can be the

bridge of old TV and new TV, bringing new excellent Tsinghua players

in the future. Young players such as Wang Yujue becomes more matured

than previous tournaments. (Xu Qiang and Wang Yujue scored the first

two goal in the key group game against Atlanta)


2. This is the first time we broke the tradition to have non-TV

players. The experience is a very good one. The united team has Jia

Feng as the captain who can take the leadership of both teams, which

is the key for the success of the team. The team is mainly based on

two local teams, and most of the key players are Tsinghua Veterans;

the local combination compensates the disadvantage of being a

non-local team. Furthermore, selectively choosing the best players at

each position helps to bridge the gap between the sub and the key

players. For example, Jia Feng only played for 15 minutes at the first

day and saved all energy for the second day games. This is the first

time I didn't feel exhaustive after the tournament. That is also

another reason we create a record score 10:0, the first half and the

second half we have two totally different line-up with almost the same

level of skills.



A funny summary from a Maryland teammate (John Z. Wang)


Top 10 why we got where we were (final 4):


As promised I would summarize this GT in a short version:


10) TsingHua used to be No.1, and UMD is No. 6 (Saturday), the average

is about right.


9) Yao Yuliang spent so many sleepless nights writing up our glory

ahead of time, that his foot wrist gave out in the first game against



8) Our loss to tiger (0:3) made us really humble and stick together,

and found our psychological balance by slaughtering the Atlanta in the

record-breaking 10:0.


7) Again our team took the pleasure of encountering the host on a tiny

field that is perfect perhaps for the ultimate frisbee.


6) The host has a full football crew (something like 48), but the only

guy we need to worry about is No. 6.


Somehow we lost our magic touch, and only managed


to score once in the first half, with a scrambling in their

goalline by a MD guy who got a nice ride from his future inlaw


and nice soothing snore from our backup


goalie. Final score 2:0, with some really hairy moments in the

beginning of second half. Xie Yuan was able to put the


finish touch on a long shot from PengFeng.


5) Bao 8 Jing 4 is accomplished without a hitch, yet we must have

used up most of our luck in the quarterfinal against UMichigan.


4) Strange things always happened once we have reached our goal, our

playing field #3 was changed to #1,


our jersey was asked by the CU1 team to change.


3) CU1 was tentative, but the ref was encouraging them by giving

them free freekicks here and there,


one of them was poorly defended by our manwall. The same MD guy drank

too much Red Bulls, and being really jumpy,


failing to hold the wall in place, they scored.


2) the MD guy, who felt really guilty and propelled by the raging

bull inside him, cut through the midfield, and made a perfect pass to

our captain who dutifully finished it, tied the game.


And top 1 reason why we didn't get into the final is:


1) We could only pick Chinese CUcumbers (I got a couple), but once

we started touching some bastard hybrid one, we lost by PK.


Seriously, thanks for the opp to play for a team that had more fun

than any other team, regardless how many cucumbers we picked among


ourselves and from the other team, hope to see you later at GT again.


The MD guy